Building Automation Community Campaign

INBAC - what a beautiful 21st century initiative started by Sakhee. Building automation is one of the key elements towards ensuring a sustainable future. The work done by INBAC will become an economic and ecological differentiator in the days to come. I wish INBAC, Sakhee and the team all the best. Hope to work and contribute to this great initiative.

Srikanth Srinivasan

Tech Mahindra

INBAC is about Indian Building Automation Community. So let's become truly Atmanirbhar by using Design in India and Make in India Products. I am happy that many International and local brands are helping this localisation drive.

Nitin Joshi

OEM - Smart Products
Vighnaharta Technologies Pvt Ltd

Digital India vision calls for public – private partnership in every aspect. Habitats, commercial and government spaces create humongous data which can be better comprehended when seen in the light of comparative efficiency trends and global benchmarks. Let's create an urge for complying to the better standards thereby promoting innovations and effective usage of technology. It is imperative to bring the social impact!

Sakhee Chandrayan

INBAC Association

Building Automation is something absolutely necessary for buildings to make them green, sustainable, confortable, secure & eco friendly. The value BMS brings to the table is still not understood by many which restricts its usege and also the benefits to a great extents. INBAC to play a major role in taking BMS to the households and unearthing the tremendous potential it has to the benefits of the owners and also the society.

Vijaykumar Sanap

System Integrator
TechBean Systems

The challenges posed by the need for rapid growth in healthy living and working spaces can only be addressed through purposeful collaboration. The technology underpinnings of intelligent buildings and smart cities are important, but they cannot be developed and deployed in isolation. That is why ecosystem-wide community initiatives like INBAC are critical to moving forward. Let us hope the INBAC Wall project serves to initiate many interesting conversations and innovations.

Andy McMillan

Industry Association
BACnet International

Automation is not only about replacing human efforts with machines but much beyond that. A smart, automated building provides various benefits like luxury and comfort, simplifying human activities thus reducing operational cost and saving considerable time. It helps in efficient handling of equipment thus preventing wear & tear and increasing overall lifespan of an equipment. Most importantly energy efficient buildings leads to substantial cost savings in the longer run.

Rajesh Adhangale

OEM - Smart Products
Beckhoff Automation

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